Traveling Trunks and Kits

Also Available as In-School Programs

Traveling Trunks and Kits are an economical way to bring the Museum to YOU! Rental fee is a refundable deposit of $15 per trunk or kit. Trunks include many artifacts and at least a week’s worth of lessons. Kits include  fewer items and 2 or 3 days of lessons.

Trunks and kits are available on a first-come, first-served basis and may be picked up at Smith-McDowell House on Friday afternoon (by 4pm) or on Saturday (10am – 4pm).

Below are brief descriptions and links to preview materials and sample lesson plans.

You may also call 828-253-9231 or email [email protected] for more information or to reserve your trunk or kit.


  • The Woodland Indians   
    • The Cherokee and other tribes were considered Woodland Indians. Learn about the language and culture of the Cherokee and other tribes.
  • History’s Mysteries  
    • Learn to be a museum curator who has just received a box of artifacts. What are these things? Use thinking and questioning skills to identify objects. Also includes lessons on inventions and inventors.
  • The Civil War: Confederate Perspective Trunk  
    • A large trunk packed full of items that might have been carried by the Confederate Soldier, a week’s worth of lesson plans, CD’s and books.
  • The Civil War: Union Perspective Trunk  
    • The Union version of the Confederate trunk. Both trunks may be loaned out at the same time. $30 refundable deposit applies to both trunks.
  • The Roaring Twenties Trunk  
    • Includes 1920s artifacts and lessons on the attitude, slang, music and dance of the era.
  • From Fibers to Fabric
    • Students will explore fabrics and fibers such as wool, cotton, flax, and synthetics as well as techniques like spinning and weaving.


Trunk deposits are always refundable, but if you choose to donate your deposit, these funds are used to assist students with economic needs to be able to come on field trips or to Living History Days.

Another way to bring the Museum to YOU is with an In-School Presentation! A trained museum volunteer or staff person will present any of the above topics in your school. Programs may be presented to as many as 50 students per presentation (some are more hands-on and 25 students would be more appropriate). Cost is $3 per student. Please provide school lunch if the presentations run across the lunch period. Allow 15 – 20 minutes between presentations when scheduling. Extra cost for travel expense for schools outside of Buncombe County. Choose a program, traveling trunk/kit, or suggest a custom program. Craft topics may include an extra supply fee.

Call 828-253-9231 or email [email protected] for information or to schedule your program.